Lesson 2: Finding Information about the Universe using Wikipedia

This is the first virtual lesson of the second theme. Watch the TV shows and movie segment and after each, try to find information using Wikipedia.

Scene 1-3: In the following clips you will see the Apollo spacecraft take off, orbit the Earth and begin a journey back to the Earth.  Can you get a sense of how long the trip took?  And how fast the spacecraft was going?

Apollo1: Earth Orbit  http://vimeo.com/103281256

Apollo13: Transfer from Earth to Moon Orbit  http://vimeo.com/103281254

Apollo13:  Moon orbit  http://vimeo.com/103281257

Google: What is the distance to the moon?   What was Apollo 13? 

In the following clips (4-5) you will see the enterprise near a Star called Wolf 359.  

TNGS4E1 wolf 359 intro http://vimeo.com/103281253

TNGS4E1 wolf 359 http://vimeo.com/103281251

Google: What is Wolf 359?   How far away is Wolf 359?  -Wikipedia.

In the following clip (6), you will see two ships travel from one star to another via a “worm hole”.  Only one ship comes back.  How long will it take the other ship to return by just “warp drive”?

Star Trek TNG:  Wormhole http://vimeo.com/98224156

Google:  How big is the Milky Way?  – Wikipedia

 In clip 7, you will see a group of people travel from one galaxy to another.

SG Atlantis:  http://vimeo.com/103281606

Google:  How far away is Andromeda galaxy? – Wikipedia