Lesson 3: Hands-on Laws of Motion Experiments

The goal of this lesson is to perform hands-on experiments based on the physical laws and principles that were discussed in Lessons 1 & 2.

Experiments based on Lesson 1:

  1. Remember Scene 1 from a movie “Gravity”? You will work on an experiment regarding floating and violent forces. The closest environment to space is underwater. Additionally, one could use magnets to simulate violent effects of metallic objects.
  2. Based on Scenes 2-3 from the movies “Ride Along” and “Supernatural”, you will work on a simple experiment. The goal would be to hit something (like a punching bag) with two things and then removing one of them and see that the effect of the swinging punching bag would topple over the remaining object.
  3. Based on Scenes 4-5 from YouTube and the movie “Supernatural”, you will perform experiments to understand surface tension forces using paperclips.

Experiments based on Lesson 2:

You will play around with a real Newton’s Cradle.
You will be able to see and perform free-fall and projectile motion experiments.
In addition, you will be able to interact with a pulley system and determine the effects of higher mass (in both the hanging and moving mass).

Other experiments: