Lesson 5: More Hands-On Experiences

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will define parallax in terms of measuring distance.
  • Students will estimate distance to a known object using a parallax method.
  • Students will measure distance to known object with a measuring tape and compare their results.
  • Students will describe the effect of a Doppler shift on the frequency of light waves.
  • Students will define and describe types of supernovae.
  • Students will define a standard candle.
  • Students will describe why a certain type of supernova may be used as a standard candle.

General Flow of Lesson:

  • Students will participate in small lecture on parallax.
  • Students will do hands on activity involving parallax.
  • Students will discuss problems of parallax.
  • Students will participate in a small lecture on supernovae, standard candles, and relativistic Doppler shifts, and General Relativity.