Lesson 7: Exploring More Things about the Universe

Learning Objectives:

1.  Students will define cosmology, the cosmological principle, Hubble’s law, Hubble flow, the distance ladder, the big bang
2.  Students will describe how Hubble’s law has been tested repeatedly by observation.
3.  Students will describe how Hubble’s law may lead to the idea of the big bang and the CMB.

General Flow of Lesson: 

Students will participate in a small lecture on cosmology. The following clips illustrate the lessons topics.

Scenes 1-3:

In this scene, human beings live in two galaxies: Andromeda and the Milky Way.  The humans in the Andromeda galaxy are from Earth.  They are also fighting a war against aliens that don’t know where Earth is but want to find it.  Since the distances between galaxies are so large, the writers of this television show used to methods to traverse the distance relatively quickly.  They used worm holes for instantaneous travel.  They also used hyperspace travel using a space vehicle.  The space ship still took at least a month to travel between galaxies.

SG Atlantis:  Season 4: Episode 20.  Multiple scenes.

Scene 4:

In this scene, we see the opening credits from the TV show “the Big Bang”.  The opening credits are fairly quick but house an enormous amount of information.  It essentially shows how it is thought that all stars, planets, and galaxies were created from an explosion roughly 13 billion years ago.

Big Bang.  Opening credits.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X41bA4l-h0w