Everyone knows that the universe is huge, but no one could have imagined how staggeringly immense the universe may actually be. It stops your breath. The distances and sizes are so far beyond our everyday experience.

This module attempts to overcome that difficulty by examining the Universe at different realms. First, we start with Earth and zoom out to the Sun and then the Solar System. We continue zooming out from the Solar System, to galaxies, all the way out to the observable Universe.

This module consists of eight lessons. Start exploring them by clicking on the Lesson 1 tab.

The image below helps to visualize our cosmic address where our planet Earth is just one small part of it. When we write our actual addresses, we first indicate the country we live in, the state, the city, and so forth. Likewise, for our cosmic address we need to indicate not only the star system (in our case, it is the Solar System) but also the Group of Galaxies, the Super-cluster, and the galaxy itself (in our case, it is The Milky Way galaxy) to identify our actual location in space.